Voici le vocabulaire des Basics en Jazz Roots
Tu peux t’entraîner sur chaque figure, travailler la qualité de mouvement. Tu enrichies ta danse, tu peux l’incorporer dans ta danse à deux, tu te sens plus libre d’improviser. Happy You !

C’est quoi ton move préféré ?

Alleluia Alleluiah Halleluiah !

Apple Jack

Around the World Charleston

Bees Knees (or Charlie Brown or Hands And Knees)

The Bird

Black Bottom

Boogie Back (or Clap Back)

Boogie Drop

Boogie Forward (or Boogie Up)

Box Step (or Jazz Square)

Break a Leg

Breezy Knees (or Breeze in the Knees or Cool Breeze or Crazy Legs)

Cakewalk (or Heel Dig or Jig Walk or Struttin’ or Tap Forward)

Camel Walk


Charleston Hitches


Crazy Leg

Crazy Feet

Crossover (or Cross Touches or Mambo Step or Mambo Walk)

Drag (or Boogie Step or Crawl or Toe/Heel)

Drunken Sailor

Eagle Slide

Fall Off the Log

Fall On the Log (or Corkscrew Kicks or Cross Kicks or Run On the Log or Shag Steps)


Flying Charleston (or Superman Charleston)

Foot Twist

Full Break

Gaze Afar


Half Break


Happy Feet

Heel Twist (or Hitchhiker)




Jump Charleston

Kick Ball Change

Knee Slap (or Ankle Slap or Foot Slap)

Leap Frog

Lock Turn (or Cross And Turn or Lock Step)

London Bridge

Look Afar (or Gaze Afar)

Lowdowns (or Side Press Lunges or Skis)

Mess Around

Open Close

Opposites (or Four Corners or Shouts or Sways)

Over the Top

Paddle Turn


Pivot Walk

Popeye Kicks (or Sailor Kicks)

Praise Steps

Push Turn

Ride the Pony

Rocks (or Hallelujahs or Rock Ups or The Rocks or Rock Step or Rocking Horse)

Rusty Dusty

Savoy Kick


Scissor Kick (or Frankie Scissors)

Shim Sham (or Big Apple Stomps or Shim Sham Step)



Shuffle (or Frankie Scoots)

Shoe Shine

Shorty George

Side Push (or Push or Pushbeat or Pushover)

Skate (or Float Back)

Skip Up

Slip Slop (or Slide Step)

Snake Hips (or Open Scissors)

Spank the Baby

Squat Charleston

Stomp Off

Suzie Q

Swivel (or Twist)

Tacky Annie (or Tack Annie or Tackie Annie or Tap Back)

Tick Tock

Toe Tap Turn

TOBA Break


Windmill (or Cartwheel or Helicopter)

Tranky Doo

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